Champion sired AKC Staffordshire Bull Terriers located in Central Florida

The current Rockstaff gang. Pictured from left to right Ella, June, Crunchy, Reese, Cheri, Gus, Sierra, Gwen, and Rowan

Me with my boy MBISS Gold GCH Rockstaff Celtic Guardian FDC TKN RATN CGCA CGCU

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Harris, thank you for visiting Rockstaff’s website. I became involved in Staffys (as many people affectionately call them) after I got my first girl, “Sadie”, in 1999. If this is your first look at Staffordshire Bull Terriers you may want to visit the AKC site and read the breed description. We obtained our first Staffy when my family decided to look for another breed of dog for our family. We had had a Border Collie and Australian Shepherds that were great till my little sister came along. She was a rough and tumble, in your face type of kid and those breeds just couldn’t handle this. The new breed had to meet the following criteria:

  1. Short-haired: I live in the South and have had my fill of long-haired dogs and all the extra work and care involved with a longer coat.

  2. Medium size: Big dogs need more room and space, but a small or toy breed just wouldn’t be sturdy enough. I was looking for a dog that was, “just right”, at around 30-40lbs.

  3. Durable: These were going to be farm dogs and out with us on the property so I looked for a breed that had enough stamina to keep (but wasn’t hyper or high strung) and could be around our other animals.

4. Absolutely LOVE KIDS!: I don’t consider any breed 100% reliable around kids all the time and I would never reccomend leaving a child unattended around any dog. Having said that, I looked for a breed with a long history of people friendliness. My folks had a U-pick farm and horse boarding at that time so families with kids were constantly coming and going, so a people friendly dog was a must.